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How to Polish RV Fiberglass


Any RV owner worth their salt knows that it’s not enough to keep your fiberglass clean—you also have to keep it protected. After all, fiberglass is where your RV meets the world, facing all sorts of problems from UV rays to debris.

When it comes to treating your RV fiberglass right, nothing is more powerful than a product that can do it all. That product, of course, is the PolyShine® Premium Fiberglass & Composite Polish.

Polishing Your RV Fiberglass to a Shine

“Shine” is in the name, after all, so it had better be able to polish your fiberglass to a high shine. Never polished fiberglass before? There’s good news. PolyShine is labeled “easy to use” for a reason.

To apply a polishing product like PolyShine, simply wipe the polish on and buff it off with a dedicated fiberglass buffer or a clean towel. Some people prefer to rent professional polishers for high buffing, and this will certainly get the work done more quickly. That’s especially useful for someone with a lot of RV fiberglass to handle.

Protecting Your Fiberglass for the Long-Term

If you’ve adequately prepared your fiberglass and used the right product, then you’ll have the peace of mind of an RV owner who takes good care of their fiberglass. After you’ve applied a high-quality polishing product like PolyShine, you know you’ll have the following protection:

  • UV inhibitors prevent yellowing. Although it might seem strange to think that you need to protect your RV from something as simple as sunshine, you should take care. If you stay out in the sun for too long, you’ll burn. Similar UV damage happens to boats, cars, and RVs as well. That’s why it’s so important to polish up with a product that contains UV inhibitors.
  • Acting as a “fiberglass glaze.” It’s important to give your fiberglass the shine it needs and to offer it a finish that will function as a sort of glaze. After you’re done using PolyShine, you’ll find that the remaining glaze helps keep it shiny and well-protected from debris.

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Your RV needs care and attention. Maintaining the quality of your fiberglass is essential to preserving or even improving the appearance and functionality of your RV exterior. As long as you’re using the right products to keep it clean and polished, you should have no problem enjoying a clean, fresh, well-protected RV exterior for years to come.

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