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RV Caulking Sealant : The Correct Sealant for Your RV Surfaces

Maintaining your RV is extremely important and is a two part process. For example, not only does your RV have a large motor that endures a lot of stress during those long trips to your favorite spot that needs to be looked over by a mechanic, a handy man might be required to fix or repair all the issues inside of it. One of the easiest things you can do to make sure your RV is air tight is to make sure you use the correct caulking sealants. From windows to fiberglass, to floors and tanks, making sure everything sealed with the right caulk will allow for unmatched comfort and could stop those unforeseen future issues. In this article we will cover the three best caulking sealants for your RV.

Life Seal Silicone/Polyurethane Caulking Sealant

One of the most popular caulking sealants used especially for fiberglass is the Life Seal Silicon/Polyurethane Caulking Sealant. Available in many different colors such as Aluminum, Black, and White, along with custom colors to match your RV, the unique combination of silicone and polyurethane allows for an unmated permanent watertight seal for joints subject to structural movements and will easily adhere to metal, glass, wood, Lexan, ABS and other materials. This caulking sealant will also cure in presence of water, is mildew resistant and acid free.

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Life-Calk Polysulfide Caulking Sealant

The ultimate in flexible caulking sealant for your RV is the Life-Calk Polysulfide Caulking Sealant. Available in a Black or White finish, the permanently flexible polysulfide sealant will be tack-free in about one to three days and can be sanded for an unmatched finish. This caulk will bond easily to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, and itself for those custom applications. Once cured, this caulking sealant offers a firm, yet flexible rubber seal with excellent waterproofing and adhesiveness.

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Life-Calk Silicon Rubber Caulking Sealant

A proven calk for all materials is the Life-Calk Silicon Rubber Caulking Sealant. Because of the all-purpose design, non-corrosive, non-yellowing, mildew resistant, and low-odor, this 100% high quality silicone sealant will not shrink, crack, or dry out even is some of the most extreme conditions. Available in White, Black, or Clear, the Life-Calk Silicon Rubber Caulking Sealant offers superior flexibility and adhesiveness to fiberglass, plastic, metal, and wood. Also, since this caulking sealant is acid free, once cured, it will not corrode metal or create black streaks.

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Why Caulk?

The use of caulking sealant is extremely important for your RV. Whether you have a leak in your fiberglass or just repairing your floors, using the right caulking sealant will allow you to maximize your travels instead of increasing your RVs downtime.

With the winter weather coming to an end, now is the time to see if your RV needs caulking sealant. At RV by LIFE, we offer the best selection of RV caulking sealant including Life Seal Silicon/Polyurethane, Life-Calk Polysulfide, and Life-Calk Silicon Rubber Caulking Sealants. All types of sealants for your RV come in a wide range of finished colors, but the Life Seal silicon/Polyurethane Caulking Sealant is available in custom colors also.

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